The Bloom Forum Online Workshop | FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY NARRATIVES

I’m happy to offer my latest workshop ~ FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY NARRATIVES with Natural light, Simple Styling & Storytelling through The Bloom Forum’s two week online course which runs from July 28th – August 11th. Active Seats are $200 and Silent Seats are $150. You must be a member of The Bloom Forum to participate in this online workshop. You can hop over to The Bloom Forum Website to BECOME A MEMBER and then register for the workshop HERE.

This workshop is all about making beautiful images of food using natural light, simple styling as well as telling a story around it. Seeking the one perfect image is wonderful, but, for me – it’s the story that pulls me in deeper, makes me want to keep coming back for more, and keeps me loving what I do simply because each story is inherently unique. In our time together, I will share with you what I have learned and what I know about making beautiful and engaging images of food by using solid techniques and almost more importantly, a creative eye & heart through descriptions, visual examples, demonstrations, shooting assignments and individual critiques.

This is for food bloggers, recipe developers, food writers, hobbyists, amateurs, or anyone wanting to learn to improve the quality of their images and/or how to approach, style and make beautiful images of food using natural light in the simplest of settings. I create many of my food images/stories in the dining room of my own home or by a single window in my studio with the simplest of props, natural styling, and basic equipment, and you can too. My goal is to share with you my approach along with the components of creating beautiful photographs of food that you can take with you, continue to practice with and use to create enticing images to grab your reader’s/client’s attention on your own websites, blogs or personal projects.

Topics covered will include:
The Story/Your Style: The thought process behind a food shoot – storyboards/purpose/theme/color palette/mood and your style of storytelling.
Styling: Choosing backgrounds, props and styling simply (and the importance of not over-styling).
Light: How to see and find light as well as understanding the differences in the qualities of light. Different directions of lighting your food. How to manipulate light with simple and affordable materials.
ISO/Aperture/Shutter Speed: How your manual settings play an important role in the artistic choices you make in creating an image as well as understanding when and why to make certain choices.
The Art of Composition Camera Angles Post Processing: I’ll walk you through some of my basic editing via video.
Final Presentation: How I marry imagery and design for interest and impact for strong storytelling.

Students will receive:
Demo video of me working through a food shoot
Post processing video
Assignments and individual critiques
The full downloadable pdf of this workshop

Q&A: All students (including silent participants) will be able to participate in an open Q & A session. I’m here to share with you and you’re here because you want to learn, so don’t be shy. Ask away, I’ll do my very best to answer anything and everything to the best of my ability.

**After the workshop, active participants are encouraged to put their skills to use with a final assignment of photographing and creating a magazine style spread of their own Food Narrative for a final critique.

PREREQUISITES: To enroll in this digital natural light food photography workshop, you do not need to have the latest or most expensive camera/lenses/equipment, but you’ll get the most out of this workshop if you have a DSLR, tripod, and at least a 50mm lens. Regardless of your camera, you need to have a basic understanding of your camera’s functions as well as being comfortable with shooting in manual mode. This is not a beginning photography class.

You can hop over to The Bloom Forum Website to BECOME A MEMBER and then register for the workshop HERE. ~Gina

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