Spring Restaurant Week

written by Ilene Ross
photographed by ©Gina Weathersby/kiwi street studios

By now, we hope that everyone has heard the term, “shop local.” Well, thanks to Greater Cincinnati Independent Restaurants (GCI), and over 2 dozen of our best local eateries, we’re smack dab in the middle of Spring Restaurant Week-10 days, actually- one of the best, most affordable, and most delicious reminders that we should also eat local. Until March 21st, visit any of the restaurants listed at the GCI site, and enjoy a 3 course dinner for only $26.12 per person.
Not only is this the perfect opportunity for you to try that restaurant that’s been on your must-do list for a while, but it’s wonderful for our local economy. Independent restaurant owners are the ones most likely to keep their dollars local as well, which is better for everyone. They tend to use local products more often, and have personal relationships with farmers and food producers, guaranteeing you a higher quality, fresher product. The chefs you see at the weekly farmers markets aren’t the ones from large chain restaurants, they’re the ones who cook in their own kitchens. They’re also far more creative with their craft, since it’s their own livelihood on the line. Often times these places are family run and traditional in nature, showing it off in their cuisine, with recipes passed down through the generations.
The restaurants on the GCI list encompass all price ranges and countries. From jeans to dress shoes, pizza, pubs, tapas, Italian, and fine dining, there’s something for everyone. They’re located all over down town, in the suburbs and Northern Kentucky, and most of them are family friendly. We love that the weather has been so cooperative and that there are eateries located in Lebanon, Mt. Adams, Clifton, and Over-the-Rhine; this means that an after dinner stroll with some window shopping is most definitely in order.
Here’s the menu of what our own contributing chef, Dave Taylor has to offer for Spring Restaurant Week at La Poste

1st course
Seasonal Salad
greens, candied pistachio, hearts of palm, white balsamic, parmesan
Tomato piquillo pepper bisque

2nd course
field blend of mushrooms, fresh sage, cream, parmesan reggiano
Seared Scallop
gorgonzola mousse, bitter greens, bacon vinaigrette, grilled rye, egg yolk

3rd course
Choice of Salmon or Beef
accompanied by maple-dijon brussel sprouts, horseradish puree, red wine
& orange reductions

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billy inabnitt - March 7, 2013 - 8:09 am

always interested in Cincinnati Dining and Drinking…

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