Networking with Your Peers and Sharing a {Seattle Workshop}

While in Seattle this past September, I met up with a fellow food photographer. A fabulously creative food photographer named Clare Barboza. You can browse her work and quickly understand what I mean. One of the first things I noticed, is that she, like me, loves to tell a story. There are all kinds of ways to get there, and I was drawn to her particular way. We exchanged a few emails here and there and when I knew I would be in her home town, I was hoping to meet up in person. My visit came at a busy time for Clare, but she made space and we did, in fact, meet up for a wonderful visit at the yummy Macrina Bakery.
Some wonder why I, or anyone, might want to ‘be friendly’ with someone in the very same profession as myself. Aren’t they the competition? Won’t they try and take your clients away? Won’t they try and get all of your secrets? Fair questions…if you’re a fear driven ‘island’ type of person. I’m not. I’m of the ‘let’s all play together’ type of person. My feeling is that our professional life (as well as life in general) is richer through connecting and sharing (not to mention fun) with honesty and integrity. If you are running your business from a place of authenticity, ten people may very well do or offer the same product or service, but there will be a difference between each and that authentic difference is what will attract their like minded market/clients. Therein lies the beauty of connecting.  We grow, learn and are inspired through relationships. Here’s to sharing, collaborating, networking and making new friends.

So, having said all this, I’d love to share with you a farm to table workshop that my friend and fellow food photographer Clare Barboza is holding on the majestically beautiful Whidbey Island, WA this May 23-26. Let me just say…what a treat it will be and how I WISH I WERE ABLE TO ATTEND!
If you are lucky enough to go, and it came from this post, please be sure to tell Clare hello from me!
Here is her blog post link with all the information as well as the registration link.
Clare has given this workshop several times now, so you can look through her blog and see the amazing imagery from the farms and markets that will be visited. Here are a few of Clare’s photos to get you started:

photos ©Clare Barboza


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