Happy Monday and {a bowl of soup}

written by Gina Weathersby
photography and styling ┬ęGina Weathersby/kiwi street studios

Yes, the temperature may very well reach 80 today, but, never-you-mind, I love soup any day, everyday.
This casual recipe is courtesy of a fabulous woman who served up one amazing craft service table on a recent shoot.

Homemade chicken stock (or quality store bought) about 6-7 cups
1/4 tsp freshly grated ginger
*One bag chicken cilantro mini wontons (Trader Joe’s)
Simmer wontons in stock until cooked through, season with salt to taste
When ready to serve add to a soup bowl:
Broth and wontons
Thinly chopped scallions, all parts
Diagonally chopped snow pea pods, go ahead and let some of the peas out
Live sprouts
Any other favorite ingredient you fancy (asparagus tips, mushrooms)
Finish off with cracked ground pepper and/or hot pepper flakes
*I rarely use any kind of prepackaged ingredients, but this one is worth it

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