Finishing flourishes {and so grateful too}

Written by Gina Weathersby
Photography by Gina Weathersby

Did you notice anything different about the logo in the Summer Issue, or for that fact, did you notice the hand drawn illustrations gracing some of the pages?
I have the unbelievable good fortune to know some of the most amazing graphic designers/artists in town. Lisa Ballard is one of them and is one the most talented graphic illustrators anywhere. You may recognize her name and you will certainly recognize her work locally. She is responsible for all the gorgeous, whimsical, colorful, playful designs for Peggy Shannon’s Queen City Cookies website, packaging and marketing materials. For 513{eats}, not only did she have some time to contribute her talents to this past issue, but to give our logo (which I designed, well, tried to design) the added flourish that it so begged for. I am a girly girl, I love swirls, curls, fancy fonts, scallops, flourishes, etc. However, I could not find that something to add to the logo that satisfied that feel without it looking too girly. Enter Lisa. She knew immediately and not only suggested the more decorative brackets, but designed and sent them right over for me to use. It was the absolute perfect addition. It did not stop there. We went through the magazine page by page and she gave me her design opinions and suggestions, one of them being hand drawn illustrations to accompany some of the stories. Ooooh, I was so loving her suggestions, but had no idea how to ‘do’ this. Not to worry, she created those as well and sent them over. How wonderful is that!
Ihave been so fortunate during these past 6 months of laying out and designing this magazine (of which I am not a graphic designer nor a publisher) to be able to pick up the phone and call a handful of artists/graphic designers who have been so willing to help me, a photographer, learn a big, bad new program, learn some basic rules of font selections and pairings (i’m still breaking them), layouts and basically help me navigate through new waters.¬† Alan Brown of Photonics Graphics ~ my technology savior/indesign guru and dear friend, who I was able to call at any time for help, who always answered his phone and has more patience than God. Rachael Ward an amazing artist (and a new bride) who has years of experience in graphic design and book design, also openly offered up design suggestions and helped my learning curve not be so painful, as did Steve Zeigelmeyer, photographer, art director, producer, indesign powerhouse. Early on, artist and designer, Margo Madison of Margo Madison Creative, introduced me to the world of glyphs ~ life has never been the same ~ endless flourishes, I was in heaven! To these artist, friends and colleagues, I am so thankful.
In this last issue, I likened¬† this journey to ‘going down a rabbit hole.’ What an unbelievable adventure so far. None of it could have been possible without the combined talents of so many people. I want to say thank you to all of you and that I am truly humbled.

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