Community at it’s Finest

 photography by Gina Weathersby/kiwi street studios
written by Ilene Ross

Last week’s Ohio Valley Greenmarket (put on by Edible Ohio Valley) was touted as, “A Celebration of Community and Sustainability,” and it was indeed that, yet so much more. The combination of distinguished speakers, (such as Niman Ranch co-founder Paul Willis) local food, outstanding programming, (taking place in some of our city’s most beautiful parks) and of course, cooperative weather made for a weekend enjoyed by both young and old.

It was that sense of multi-generational community that we enjoyed the most.  From the traditional pig roast on Friday night at Winton Woods to the Farmers Market at the stunning Glenwood Gardens on Sunday, it was a pleasure to see families of all ages.  We were delighted to see that at the Sunday Market there were activities that gave children the opportunity to make a true connection to their food.  There were bee keeper lessons to learn and mock pizzas to make. The area’s local farmers set up stands filled with the freshest summer produce and meats, and several food trucks stood by, ready to feed famished shoppers. Saturday was devoted to flower gardening and design.

It’s events like this that give people the chance to slow down and form relationships with the people who grow and prepare their food, or, if we’re so inclined, educate us to do it ourselves.  So much more than our weekly market, this combination of education, entertainment, and commerce sent us home with so much more than full tummies, a full digital card, and full re-useable shopping bags; It sent us home with warm hearts and a sense of community that we can never get by mindlessly pushing a cart through a big box grocery store.

Farmers Market at the Glenwood Gardens on Sunday

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