Taking a walk ~ with Abby Artemisia

You may be noticing that the leaves are off the trees in this post, and yet it is almost the middle of June outside. That’s because Ilene and I worked on this story ~ that appeared in CityBeat’s April Green Edition ~
back in February, but we had a few more images from the day that we wanted to share on our blog. Be sure to read Ilene’s full story {here} as she is, among wearing many other culinary hats, also a contributing writer for CityBeat’s food column.
Her article is on outdoor edibles and our guide on this brisk winter morning was the wonderful Abby Artemisia, a botanist, herbalist, native plant specialist, who feels that her life’s purpose is ‘to connect or reconnect people with nature to create healing for humanity and the Earth and to empower people with their own health naturally.’

We accompanied Abby on a walk through College Hill’s LaBoiteaux Woods learning the finer points of foraging edibles.
Admittedly, I am pretty new to this and was surprised at how much of what we saw was edible and/or medicinal. The most important rule to walk away with is unless you KNOW what you are foraging, DON’T eat it.
Be sure to read all of Abby’s rules in the article, another of which is to, of course, RESPECT MOTHER NATURE.
She leads a “Friday Frolic in the Forest” walk in LaBoiteaux Woods weekly. For more information, contact Abby directly at abbyartemisia@gmail.com/513.307.5226.

Thank you, Abby, for sharing your knowledge, wisdom, and a few tasty treats from the ground with us on that brisk winter morning.

Spicebush buds (above, right).


Multiflora Rosehips (left) and more Spicebush (right).

Mellein (left side), Chickweed (top right and bottom middle), Woodmint growing on a tree root (bottom right).

Abby’s pin….a Lotus flower;)

513{eats} (fabulous) contributing media designer, Eric Hintz, just happened to tag along on one of Abby’s Walk’s in the Forest. This is what he saw….{just click on the image below}

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Vanessa Sorensen - June 12, 2013 - 3:15 pm

Beautiful photos and lovely video!

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