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One of my favorite features about our 513{eats} magazines were the stories shared about our city and her food. New discoveries, hidden gems, road trips, serendipitous visits. Though the magazine is on hiatus, there are past stories still to be posted in the upcoming months, now, via the blog. Today’s post is about a little visit with Les Stoneham, Ryan Doan, Greg York, Courtney Robinson, and Adam Shaw of Deeper Roots Coffee from earlier this year. ~ Gina

Story written by Ilene Ross
Photography by Gina Weathersby

A recent USA TODAY story states that approximately 83 percent of Americans – the world’s largest consumers of the beverage – start their day with at least one cup of coffee. Talk to just about anyone and you’ll almost always hear the same thing; we can’t seem to make a move in the morning without our jolt of java.
Deeper Roots Coffee proves that our morning cup of Joe can do so much more than jump-start the day. Their ethically sourced and crafted coffees begin with a relationship with the growers themselves. This began with the founding of Deeper Roots Development, a non-profit organization working to improve communities of small coffee farmers in Guatemala on ways to improve their product and quality of life. Find out more here.

Les Stoneham, owner of Deeper Roots, enjoys a cup of coffee out of his favorite mug from a town in Guatemala called San Antonio Palopó. The glaze on the mug is Majolica, usually restricted to five colors: cobalt blue, antimony yellow, iron red, copper green, and manganese purple, set on a white tin enamel. .

Much like wine tasting, cupping is the process coffee purveyors go through to systematically “discover” qualities of individual sample lots of coffee brought in from farmers and importers. Also similar to wine are the sought after flavor categories like bouquet (aromatics), acidity (brightness), body, and balance. For every one coffee selected about twenty samples can be tasted. Open cuppings are on Tuesdays at 2pm.

Please meet Spike and Paris, their two resident alpacas.

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ryan - March 11, 2014 - 4:07 pm

Thanks so much guys. I love the pics.

gweathersby - March 11, 2014 - 4:17 pm

You are all so very welcome Ryan!

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