513{eats} ~ It’s Been A Wonderful Ride ~ So Far

This particular entity – 513{eats} – started as a fledgling of what I envisioned my professional life to look like…down the road. From the inception, I wanted to create something of meaning and value for not only myself, but for the people whose food, businesses, and lives would be shared withing the pages of what I would visually craft.
Admittedly, a little unconventional of a manner to create marketable work, but I’ve never loved ‘conventional,’ plus, with this approach, I have crossed paths and collaborated with new colleagues, creatives, and most of all, new friends who have enriched my life in the most wonderful of ways. I have been humbled ten times over and will forever be grateful for the many who opened their doors and their hearts along the way.

To date, who knew where this adventure would have ever lead. I certainly could not have predicted the last almost 3 years. Because of this ‘project’ so many new, exciting doors have opened, most of which, were among my original goals upon creating 513{eats}, and others that I had never even considered. Proof that following your vision, creating from your authentic voice, trusting your intuitions, surrounding yourself with supportive & creative people, recognizing doors of opportunity while remaining focused (amongst all the noise) on your goals, continuously working on your craft, and simply doing what you love – will lead you on a fruitful journey in the directions of your dreams.

While I’m presently not intending on producing a follow up full edition magazine (never say never), I am in the planning stages of some new and exciting works highlighting our areas chefs, growers, artisans, and makers via 513{eats}. Where I will take it from there, remains an open door, but rest assured, wherever it leads, it will be a visual feast.

It’s hardly the end, just a moment to reflect, invite new directions for the future of 513{eats}, and to share some gratitude for the past…as described below.

513{eats} – the little ‘one year project’ that I started back in late 2011, now with almost three years of photographing, designing, creating, and producing 6 magazine issues & 2 calendarshas been a wonderful ride; but, this part of the journey has naturally run its course.
The original project was truly a ‘it takes a village’ endeavor, and I am forever grateful to all of the talented people who came along this ride with me.
I want to take a moment and most especially thank both chef and food writer, Ilene Ross, and set production stylist, Nora Martini, whom both said ‘yes’ when I asked them to join me on this unknown adventure at the very beginning.
Ilene Ross, who penned most of the stories that accompanied my imagery, whose time, dedication and support has been immense, I am truly grateful; as well as Nora’s gorgeous styling which elevated so many of the shoots.
Along the way, I was also incredibly lucky to have many other artists collaborate and contribute to this endeavor, notably, media designer, Eric Hintz, who created beautiful footage from many of the shoots as well as crafting marketable videos for many of our Queen City restaurants, growers, makers & visiting culinary events, and, long time friend graphic illustrator & designer, Lisa Ballard (whom I was incredibly happy to re-unite with) who lent her skills and original designs to the magazines and calendars.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, how could I not think of and thank all of the chefs/cooks/bakers/farmers/growers/makers/artisans who gave their time, kitchens, talents, food and of themselves to be featured in the issues themselves.
Of course, without all of you, there would have been nothing to fill the pages with. Thank you for creating breathtaking dishes, growing beautiful seasonal produce, ethically raising animals, and crafting artisinal foods – all of which provided the stunning subjects of my photography. It was truly a pleasure and an honor to share your stories, your foods, your kitchens, homes, businesses and a little insight into your lives in a way that is not traditionally done editorially ~ meaning many pages, many images;)

Being fortunate to do that thing that you love, that drives you, that you a have a burning need to do, that others give you the opportunity, the creative room, and, most importantly, the trust to do…is magical.

Much love and here’s to the next chapter of 513{eats},



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